Rocking Jeans Everywhere

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Everyone loves rocking a pair of jeans. The trends can a bit hard to catch up on but when it comes to denim one can never go wrong. The past now comes in as the new kid in the fashion block. So it is important to ensure that one is not stuck with one look by wearing their denim in different ways thanks to the 70s inspired look.

Showing a little ankle is supremely flattering and leg lengthening. Additionally, cropped jeans look great with whatever pair of shoes your heart desires, and add a cool gamine quality to any look.

If you want your backside to look its best (and who wouldn’t?), stick to simple, classic back pockets. Trust us, it’s in your best interest to avoid intricate or oddly-shaped pockets that will draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Not only are perfectly slouchy jeans gloriously comfortable, they lend an air of effortlessness to any look. Bonus tip: Keep them on the slim side for the most figure-flattering effect.

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Can jeans be worn in the work place? Yes and no. There are specific factors that one should consider so as to know whether or not they can wear jeans at work. The environment one stays in determines everything.

Understand Your Office’s Unofficial Work Dress Code

One of the easiest ways to determine if you can get away with wearing denims is to look at your surroundings and the people in it.

Working in a fashion firm or a jean manufacturer wearing jeans will probably make you blend in but no matter how hard you try it probably won’t fly if you work in a bank.

Denim In The Office – Rural or Urban Workplace?

Another big factor is to look at whether you’re in the city or a small town setting since the rules on dress code vary so greatly in these locales. Where it may be perfectly acceptable to wear jeans in a rural business setting, in an urban location it may not be.

Pay Attenton To Your Country’s Denim Acceptance Level

Japan produces some of the finest denim in the world, but you’re never ever going to attend a business event wearing jeans in the land of the rising sun!

Conservative or business-minded countries are not the only countries where you have to watch out – some countries like Italy are very focused on personal appearance and your jeans may be inappropriate for that reason.

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If your boss is ok with the staff wearing jeans then there is no problem. The only thing that matters is how you wear that jeans or get jeans banned in the office.


Generally speaking, just because it’s ok to wear jeans to the office doesn’t mean you should show up in ratty jeans, a T-shirt and a baseball cap. You should still maintain a professional appearance, which you can absolutely do while being comfortable and stylish, too. One of the easiest ways to do so is by sticking to jeans that have a dark denim wash. They are dressier than faded blue denim and will make your outfit look instantly polished.

Plus, from bold bright colors to pastels, white and blacks, they are easy to pair with just about any top. The exception to the dark denim rule would be black or white jeans, which also look classy when worn at the office.

Just like faded blue denim may be perceived as too casual, distressed denim or any kind of holes in your jeans are also a definite no-no. Yes, this is true even when ripped jeans are in fashion. Leave your ripped jeans, jean shorts and jean skirts for casual weekends at home and be sure to always hang your jeans out to dry if you’re looking to avoid rips and tears.

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