Looking Good while Expectant

There is nothing as beautiful as bringing life into the world so why not look good while doing so? Pregnancy should note be about nausea, backaches and craving pizza at 3 am. It can also be about fashion.

Stay dark. Dark colors are slimming. Okay, this isn’t rocket science — and it’s not like you haven’t heard it before (but when has it ever been more fitting, so to speak?). But black, navy blue, dark brown, or charcoal can all create a slimming optical illusion, minimizing body bulk and giving you an overall trimmer appearance — even if you’re wearing a T-shirt and workout pants.

One shade fits all, better. Here’s another optical illusion you’ll want to tap into: Wear one color from top to bottom, and you’ll look longer and leaner. If you wear a different color on top than you’re wearing on the bottom, it’ll create a break in your figure, causing the eye to stop right at the color change (and possibly right where your butt starts).

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It is ok to show some skin just ensure it is not too much skin. Jeans never runs out of style therefore you can put on some good pairs of denim specially made from expectant moms.

Show Some Skin

If you’re normally small-chested, pregnancy offers the best chance you’ll ever have to forego the padded bras and flaunt cleavage, so take advantage of this fortuitous occasion and wear scoop-neck T-shirts or sweaters.

Go Skinny

If you enjoyed wearing skinny jeans before you were an expecting mama, don’t be afraid to don tight-fitting pants now just because you’re pregnant. Many maternity lines are now making stretchy, super-comfy (and chic!) skinny jeans and leather leggings that will fit and flaunt your new curves.

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Of course baby bumps do not only last for the summer. There are winter bumps too and a mother has to be stylish three hundred and sixty five days of the year. It is still possible to remain fashionable during winter.


Printed Cardigan

Give that basic black cardigan a break. This cascading cut and eye-catching tribal print sweater is a cooler and more flattering version of this cold-weather staple. $48, Wendy Bellissimo, Motherhood.com

Full Panel Leggings

Want the softness and stretchiness of leggings but with a little extra support? This smart pair has a panel that goes over your belly for a snug fit. $35, Gap.com

Leopard-Print Sweater Dress

Can’t bear rolling out of a warm bed and braving the cold in office-appropriate attire? We’ve got two words: sweater dress! Pair this playful printed number with tights and cute booties. $95, Loft.com.

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