Eyelash Enhancing Products Make Eyelashes Long And Thick

My previously sparse eyelashes look amazing these days – because I have extensions! I opted for mink extensions, because mink lash extensions look very real. However, they are not for everyone, partly due to the cost, so if you cannot afford them, I would suggest you opt for an enhancer for lashes instead. Lash enhancing products like make eyelashes longer and thicker; but the effect is temporary.

Theres a spate of products on the market that make eyelashes thicker and longer, at least temporarily. DivaDerme, Dream Lash, and Talika all lengthen and thicken eyelashes considerably; application can be tricky, but once the technique is mastered, your eyelashes will definitely take on that fairytale princess look.

Eyelash Enhancers for Long, Thick Lashes

There are a lot of mascaras that contain fibers or silk powders to cling to individual lashes, and make them look thicker while extending their length. Eyelash primers can also help increase the width and length of the lashes. Lately, companies have been offering a new type of cosmetic eyelash enhancer.

These are composed of tiny hair-like fibers, generally of cellulose (a glucose polysaccaride) or rayon (regenerated cellulose); sometimes pigment is added to make the fibers dark so that theyll blend easily with mascara. If youre familiar with Toppik Hair Building Fibers to cover up thinning spots on the scalp, you already have an idea of how fiber-based lash enhancers work.

Temporary eyelash enhancing products do exactly what their marketing copy promises, but the look they produce is really dramatic and the technique necessary to apply them correctly takes some time to master. Plus they have a few drawbacks; not all consumers will be willing to put up with their shortcomings.

How to Use an Eyelash Enhancing Product

Finish the rest of your eye makeup design prior to use. Using an eyelash curler will help avoid getting any of the fibers in the eyes. Place a paper towel on the sink or countertop to catch falling fibers, and place a mirror on top of that. The eyelash extension fibers should be applied while looking down into this mirror to prevent them entering the eyes. (Although the fibers are easy to remove from the eye with cold water, removal may smear and ruin the rest of the eye makeup, so its best to try and keep them out of the eye to begin with.)

Dust some translucent powder under the eyes, on the upper cheeks, and across the bridge of the nose. Apply first coat of mascara or eyelash primer. After shaking the brush lightly over the paper towel, rapidly apply a layer of fibers over the still-wet mascara or primer. Then immediately finish with a second coat of mascara.

The process may be repeated for increased effect, but one coat of fibers will be plenty for most people. A second coat has a tendency to give a terribly overdone look, and too much of these products can mat the lashes together and appear messy and doll-like. Combing through with an eyelash comb or old washed mascara wand doesn’t correct this problem very well, either.

Lastly, dust off the coating of translucent powder with a powder brush. The fibers on your nose and under your eyes and there will be quite a few fibers on your face, no matter how careful you are will come right off along with the loose powder.

Not surprisingly, eyelash enhancers give absolutely sensational length when used with a lengthening mascara such as Maybelline XXL Extensions; and produce incredible volume (almost too much volume, like bars across a cell window!) when used with thickening mascaras like LOréal Collagen.